Do you have a plan in place for keeping your four-legged family member healthy for many years to come? Do you have a trusted partner? Someone whom you can rely on to provide for any need that may arise for your animal companion? At Port Carling Animal Hospital, we’d be honored to fulfill this important role in your pet’s life. As your “other family doctor,” we pledge to provide you both with all the services, education and support necessary to achieve a lifetime of good health.

It starts with a foundation of preventative care. Through things like routine checkups, vaccinations and proper nutrition, we can effectively extend the amount of quality time you share with your pet. Long, happy and healthy lives are always our goal. Beyond our ongoing health management, our services also include a number of important options, including diagnostics and surgery, should your companion become sick or injured. 24/7 emergency care is also available through our sister practice, Parry Sound Animal Hospital.

To learn more about the services provided to patients of Port Carling Animal Hospital, please see below or give us a call.



Behavioral Counseling


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